So tonight when Kelli and I were having one of our business meetings, and discussing our prices and such, it just sort of made me smile.  It shot me back to the first time we met and the how far we have come, not only in our friendship, but in our life.   Whenever we needed some extra money we would work as waitresses for a catering company, usually at weddings.  As we would sit and eat dinner on our break, we would be at the end of the table from the vendors. Now, we get to be them.  In no way has this taken away our humility though.  I think that both of us would go back to that job no problem.  We have always had fun together, whether it be work or otherwise.  And when the other is around, things are easier because we work as an amazing team.  

Teiler has been so amazing through this.  Not only supportive and helping me through the revamp of my computer, researching and downloading a new editor, and more, but we are going to make a little commercial type compilation of all of our weddings and videography work to show what we are capable of, and just so we don't run into any copyright laws, my talented musician husband is going to make a song for us.  We are so excited! Yay for technology and progress in our tiny company. 

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