So Teiler and I decided to go and make a video.  it made me feel so much better to be in the sun and shooting and then have something really inspiring to work on.  I was so excited to wear my new peacock clip that I made.  Been doing some more hair clips and things and I will try to take some pics and post them on the site soon. I also have a few more video project ideas up my sleeve and we have a few more things to video and edit for our site coming up.  

Tei took me to the hills in Calabasas.  We found a spot with a tree swing which I'm dying to go back to, but when we got there the sun was already starting to go down, so we chose the spot that had these beautiful branches.  One made an arch. Gorgeous.  We are getting used to working together on video stuff which is nice, but so funny the differences I'm learning now between the way men and women's brains work.  He is excellent at music and can catch the slightest change in video that is off beat.  Very helpful.  But as a woman, we notice frames.  The eye catching things.  

Well I hope you enjoy our collaboration.  More to come of course.  Dying to get together with Kelli for some artistic fun.  Even though I just saw her and had fun, it feels like it has been so long.  Sad.
About to make some flyers for school graduation videos, so I had a friend sketch out some cool stuff for our flyer and he did our logo. This is just a sample of one of the amazing things he drew us.  We have more than enough to work with now for our flyer. Wahoo! 
Photos By KMS Photography
So, I have to admit that this week has not been very nice to us. First I slipped off the top rung of the loft ladder and fell directly on my toe, and almost broke it, then I had felt sick with a cold all week, the motorhome bathroom that I usually use has been acting out and I have had to use the outhouse which is totally infested with spiders and their meal carcases.  I'm very scared of spiders.  And then the rain came.  It's slightly true that Californian's have a hard time keeping their sunny dispositions when there is no sun and I kind of feel that way too.  And that's definitely the case when yesterday we found water all on the carpet and wall, where our little shack has been leaking.  Therefore the next discovery was... you guessed it... mold! Now, I did mold remediation in New Orleans for Katrina, and had a blast.  So I'm like every other "moldy" and love to remediate stuff, mostly because the first phase is demolition of said moldy extremities.  But it's just a little bit different when you find it in your own home.  Oh, but that did solve the mystery of why I felt so sick.  Allergy to the mold. Fun! Oh, and somewhere in there, an ant infestation because of the rain.  They think they own the place. Grrr.

But you know, I'm not trying to complain.  Even when going into the spider haven bathroom, I'm happy.  Truly, deeply happy.  I think I may finally be getting the positive view on life that I so admire in my husband, though mine may come off more naive.  

Broken toe = fun bruises to show off and a reason Tei should do the dishes. Hurts the toe to stand and clean. Haha. (You should see the one on my under arm. It's gnarly.)

Spider infested outhouse to pee in = working on my fears and getting me ready for an assignment in the boonies, or hopefully if it would work out, Haiti relief work. 

Water logged floor and walls = a little construction so it doesn't happen next year, a good cleaning of the walls, and finding all the cool stuff you always loose under the bed. (like my keys- don't roll your eyes Dad... I heard enough of it from Teiler about it thank you.)

Mold = A chance to keep my remediation skills up to date so I don't get rusty in relief work skills. 

Ants = Something to take all the frustration out on. 

So when life gives you lemons make lemonade.  When like gives you mold, call your moldy relief worker friends and be happy it isn't much worse. Haha. That's my lesson for the day.  
My parents always tried to instill in me the importance of good friends.  I've lost friends over the years, like most people, as you grow and can't bring some friends with you through your growth, but I've gained more friends than I have lost.  Relief work taught me that your true friends would be the ones that after you were apart and saw each other again, the gap in time wouldn't be noticeable.  Everything you sacrificed was everything you gained.  It's true still.  I knew that getting married and moving an hour away would put a toll on some of my old friendships.  But Kelli and Ashley just came up here.  I can truly call them my best friends.  I haven't known Ashley long but she is amazing and I can't wait to see what she progresses in life. We had an amazing time.  I feel like today, especially with the rain, I was a little sad.  My friends were gone and I wish they were here all the time.  So until the next time I see them, I can watch this silly video we made and smile.  Hope you guys like it. 
Even though we have been moved in since we were married and the major remodel is done, it still feels like we are still moving in as we get everything up and running.  We are going to make a cute little video of our place soon to share, but until then, and just in case it doesn't happen, here are some before and after pics.  Sorry if some things are messy... We live here after all. Lol. 

Our little shack used to be Teiler's music room.  Now it's our humble abode.  Shocking what a little tender love & care and a woman's touch will do right? hahah. Still have some things to work on, but for the most part I absolutely love it and of course my husband who worked really hard at all the construction himself.  It really makes you feel proud and happy when you know that someone you love is capable of so much, and will build you a home with his own hands.  
Photo By KMS Photography
So we can now officially announce the beginning of promotional videos by Kellandis Productions.  Just finished the KMS Photography promo, and very happy with it.  It was such a fun day, like most of Kelli's photoshoots (at least the ones I've been on).  Here's a beautiful pic of Britt that didn't make it to the video, but I love it so much! So I hope you like it and stay tuned for more samples of our different work soon to come.  I'll also be working on a video for this week myself, just to show our newly married life and home. 
Photo by Desiree Durang Photography
Wanted to introduce our new clients and friends.  Erik & Lydia are getting married in March.  They are so adorable.  The kind of love that is refreshing, not sickening.  So we are really excited.  It seems that most of Kelli's friends and my friend's are dating, engaged or married now.  So the love bug is the new Swine Flu apparently.  Even our close friend Elba's boy put a ring on it. We are excited for her too! She is actually one of the reasons Kelli and I even met and became friends.  Desiree Durang who took the above picture is a friend and takes great pics too, especially of kids. You can visit her site at to see more of her work. 

We have a lot of exciting things coming.  Have been brainstorming and letting the creative juices bubble to come up with ideas for everyday videography.  So we will not just be a special occasion company but an any occasion company.  

I'm almost done with editing Kelli's promo and I'm hoping it will be up by next week sometime.  I'm running off the adrenaline of my improving skills.  Britt's shoot was great practice for me.  I'm constantly looking to improve my skills.  I've really been thinking about taking a few classes too.  But I did come up with an idea too for this year.  A lot of photographers in photography school will do a 365 portfolio of pictures.  They will express their moods, ideas and improve throughout the year, and watch their improvement.  Well I was thinking about how I could use that in videography, and I know how much I love watching some of the photographer's I know and their 365's.  So I decided since it would be pretty unrealistic to think that I'm going to take a video a day, I would take a video a week and edit it into a cool little something.  We will see how far I can get in this, but I'm happy to announce the idea of a 52 week project! So I hope to share some soon on this very blog. I have my first two videos awaiting me in my book, and I look forward so much to taking them.  Should be lots of fun, and very interesting to see what I can come up with.  I hope to surprise even myself. 
KMS Photography Photoshoot
Just went along with Kelli to do Brittany's graduation pictures.  We had an amazing time.  Brittany has changed so much from when we first met her.  The other day I was going through my pictures and she has really turned into the most beautiful woman inside and out.  Kelli and I couldn't be more proud of her and to call her our friend.  She looked so beautiful on the shoot.  We have been wanting to do a behind the scenes of Kelli for a while now and this was a perfect time to do it!!! With Brittany and Kelli my job was easy and fun!!! It always baffles me too how much everything always works out on the shoots with Kelli.  At the destination for the shoot we found lillies that Britt picked up and held in some of the pics, and the doors to the rec room were open.  It was a kind of rundown old building but it really looked great for the shoot.  In the basement we found what Britt called an 80's version of a classroom.  It was panelled in baby blue all the way around with collumns and a checkered floor.  There was an old kitchen in it which was actually really fun to shoot in.  And then then against the wall in the classroom area we found an old vintage piano which we were able to roll around to get the best light. Kelli is so devoted to her photography.  It was a blast to shoot her in her element.  She will literally stretch her little body into the oddest positions to get a good shot.  Oh, and I just realized this is the first picture I have to show off her awesome new haircut! She cut her waist length hair off and it looks great! Totally compliments her spunky artsy personality. 

Well, I'm dying to work on editing Kelli's promo and Jeremy & Viri's wedding starting this week, so look for some new up and coming samples!!!