So tonight when Kelli and I were having one of our business meetings, and discussing our prices and such, it just sort of made me smile.  It shot me back to the first time we met and the how far we have come, not only in our friendship, but in our life.   Whenever we needed some extra money we would work as waitresses for a catering company, usually at weddings.  As we would sit and eat dinner on our break, we would be at the end of the table from the vendors. Now, we get to be them.  In no way has this taken away our humility though.  I think that both of us would go back to that job no problem.  We have always had fun together, whether it be work or otherwise.  And when the other is around, things are easier because we work as an amazing team.  

Teiler has been so amazing through this.  Not only supportive and helping me through the revamp of my computer, researching and downloading a new editor, and more, but we are going to make a little commercial type compilation of all of our weddings and videography work to show what we are capable of, and just so we don't run into any copyright laws, my talented musician husband is going to make a song for us.  We are so excited! Yay for technology and progress in our tiny company. 

How fun!!! It's all starting to feel so real! We are having a lot of learning and transitioning our fun little pass time into a little side business.  We are hoping it will start to pick up in the next year.  So if any of you know anyone looking for videography needs, make sure you point them in our direction.  These next few months will be full of marketing and getting everything set up. We are working on ways to edit together even though me and Kelli live an hour away from eachother.  Surprisingly, it looks like it is doable, thanks for a very technical genius husband! He has been super helpful through all of this.  

Also, check out our new video teaser of Jeremy & Viri's wedding.  Teiler actually edited it with our new program we got for our PC.  We also use imovie but only Kelli has the MAC.  Also, something we are working on, a program that does what we need but can be used on Kelli's MAC and my PC.  Oh the world of technology.  How it blesses and vexes. Well, Jeremy and Viri's time lapse of their reception turned out great! Can't wait to add it to their work.  There will be a real video sample of their wedding up soon.  Gonna get started on working on it this weekend, now that we have our new program.  They really wanted the taking of their video to be covert if at all, to not make others uncomfortable.  In fact, I don't think they even knew that we did the time lapse.  It was hidden in a tree.  Hope you all like it.  More to come... 
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Nothing much new to report here. I had a cold that is lingering. It's been raining, and we don't get cell reception in our little pad, you have to go outside. So cold, no cell reception and rain means basically being cut off from real conversations. Plus not doing the normal chores I would, so doubling it this week. So hopefully we will get back into our good routine this week.

Hope you are all enjoying the new vamped site. It is basically finished, just a few small details left. We had been wanting to upgrade it so badly and now we feel a little better about it. We finally found a little time and we had one of our "business meetings." Basically Kelli and I skype and talk a little about videography or photography and our sites and then catch up or work on our comps on things but with eachother there. It's like having her here. Living apart from your best friend by even an hour is hard and it's our little way of seeing eachother. It helps a lot. Makes her not feel so far away when I can see her reaction and act like we're together working.

Just got an ipod touch and am so crazy about it. Teiler too. As I am typing he is playing on it next to me. It blows my mind though. How such a little thing can do so many cool things!

So my new song recommendation is by Cat Power. Love her! and i just found this song baby doll when we got the ipod and i just love it! The song I wanted to recommend was Old Dirt Hill by Dave Matthews Band but they didn't have it on sadsteve so look that one up yourself. You won't be dissappointed. Here are some more pics from our camping adventures back in November. Just love them and thought I would share.
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So we just found out that there are all kinds of cool new things we can do with out site. So please hang in there while we make some needed changes. Also. click on the picture and enjoy my song recommendation. Sadsteve will pop up. How cool is that? I love learning new things! Well it's off to bed for me. Done a lot of needless work on the site and it's time for some relaxment. Hope you like the new additions to the site. We realize it might be a little hard to use until we get all the links up, so thanks for your patience!
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Had quite an eventful weekend. We had a blast at Jeremy & viri's wedding. They are so fun and beautiful. Easy to shoot the video. It didn't even feel like work. Kelli did the pictures, soon to be up on her site, and they are quite amazing. Can't wait to edit it all together, and I'm even sure it won't take long...We've picked up a few songs that will work really well for their video. So far I'm loving the two songs they picked, Ben Harper's Forever and Breathe In by Pearl Jam, which is what they danced too.

I think as I'm getting older I'm becoming more and more like Kelli. She started me on her list thing years ago. I feel like I can't accomplish a task now unless I have a list and am able to highlight it when I'm done. I have them everywhere. And post its. I used to tease Kelli about her post it obsession, and it was the first thing I would look at when I entered her room. But I am dependent on that kind of organization now too. I just got a notebook all ready for videography, even has detailed notes for the clients we have now and room for the futures. Very exciting for me. My favorite part is in the back, I have a list of potential songs to be used for inspiration and for videos. Like I've stated before music is imporatnt in helping the moments along, and even more imporant in inspiring me and Kelli.  The best ideas we have had are when we hear a good song and figure out what it would be good for in a video.

This weekend I have a special surprise for Kelli. Spent a lot of time yesterday making her and I vintage inspired hats for the occasion. I feel like a bad friend, we live so far apart and barely get to see eachother anymore, so I have a surprise day planned for her and me, but it is also an opportunity for us to keep in practice our skills of video and photography, so I'm sure some evidence of the fun day will be soon to come.