So Teiler and I decided to go and make a video.  it made me feel so much better to be in the sun and shooting and then have something really inspiring to work on.  I was so excited to wear my new peacock clip that I made.  Been doing some more hair clips and things and I will try to take some pics and post them on the site soon. I also have a few more video project ideas up my sleeve and we have a few more things to video and edit for our site coming up.  

Tei took me to the hills in Calabasas.  We found a spot with a tree swing which I'm dying to go back to, but when we got there the sun was already starting to go down, so we chose the spot that had these beautiful branches.  One made an arch. Gorgeous.  We are getting used to working together on video stuff which is nice, but so funny the differences I'm learning now between the way men and women's brains work.  He is excellent at music and can catch the slightest change in video that is off beat.  Very helpful.  But as a woman, we notice frames.  The eye catching things.  

Well I hope you enjoy our collaboration.  More to come of course.  Dying to get together with Kelli for some artistic fun.  Even though I just saw her and had fun, it feels like it has been so long.  Sad.
Old Sarge
2/1/2010 02:57:38 am

Can't that scruffy looking husband of yours stand closer to the razor blade???


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