We are all affected greatly by the influences from our youth.  I can't throw glass jars or bottles away, because my Aunty gave them a recyclable life.  My Dad used to tell me that after the garage door went down the cars would talk to eachother.  Even growing up and knowing that isn't true, there is a sadness inside for selling my car yesterday.  It didn't really live, or talk back to me, but it knew all my secrets, heard all my vents, shared so many good times and roadtrips, and was mine. My little blue rocket.  It was the car that got me to New Orleans, my first real roadtrip, and the trip that changed my life forever. 

So little Hyundai, you may have been made fun of a lot for being the knockoff car, go and drive and help someone else make as many good memories as we had. 
3/15/2010 01:35:07 am

OH NOES!! Why did you sell the car? I got sad too when I sold Hole and Convict!


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