A little Kellandis history lesson today.  The friendship of Kelli and I really bloomed in October of 2006 when we had our first real adventure together serving as disaster relief workers in New Orleans after Katrina.  It's where it all began. It's where we first realized just how much fun you could have with a camcorder and silly people.  This trip even led to the first ever Kellandis production, Nola Fun.  So tomorrow, Teiler and I leave, without Kelli (saddest thing ever!) and we travel on our first adventure together as a married couple.  Open road, a motorhome, his parents and us.  We are driving to New York, where his parents will travel on to Italy, and then we journey back to New Orleans, to where we first met.  In fact, the person taking the picture, a mere name on a shirt who we had just met, turned out to be Teiler, the husband.  So it is a 3 year anniversary of sorts.  I couldn't be more excited.  We will be getting some fun shots, even just with our little cam to make some sweet mini vids. Minisodes are going to be our new thing I'm pushing with Kelli.  We have a bunch of random video from this past year that we need to do stuff with.  It's kind of a fun video diary of our life and random creative thoughts and quandries.  So stay tuned.

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