Photo by Desiree Durang Photography
Wanted to introduce our new clients and friends.  Erik & Lydia are getting married in March.  They are so adorable.  The kind of love that is refreshing, not sickening.  So we are really excited.  It seems that most of Kelli's friends and my friend's are dating, engaged or married now.  So the love bug is the new Swine Flu apparently.  Even our close friend Elba's boy put a ring on it. We are excited for her too! She is actually one of the reasons Kelli and I even met and became friends.  Desiree Durang who took the above picture is a friend and takes great pics too, especially of kids. You can visit her site at http://imagesbydesiree.com/ to see more of her work. 

We have a lot of exciting things coming.  Have been brainstorming and letting the creative juices bubble to come up with ideas for everyday videography.  So we will not just be a special occasion company but an any occasion company.  

I'm almost done with editing Kelli's promo and I'm hoping it will be up by next week sometime.  I'm running off the adrenaline of my improving skills.  Britt's shoot was great practice for me.  I'm constantly looking to improve my skills.  I've really been thinking about taking a few classes too.  But I did come up with an idea too for this year.  A lot of photographers in photography school will do a 365 portfolio of pictures.  They will express their moods, ideas and improve throughout the year, and watch their improvement.  Well I was thinking about how I could use that in videography, and I know how much I love watching some of the photographer's I know and their 365's.  So I decided since it would be pretty unrealistic to think that I'm going to take a video a day, I would take a video a week and edit it into a cool little something.  We will see how far I can get in this, but I'm happy to announce the idea of a 52 week project! So I hope to share some soon on this very blog. I have my first two videos awaiting me in my book, and I look forward so much to taking them.  Should be lots of fun, and very interesting to see what I can come up with.  I hope to surprise even myself. 

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