So after a long and stressful trip from New Mexico to New Orleans we finally made it.  The second we saw our friends it made the whole ordeal worth it.  You know you have good friends when you don't see them for 3 years but when you finally do it's like no time has gone by.  This is my first time in New Orleans since relief work 3 years ago.  Although a lot has changed, a lot has stayed the same.  It makes a great impact to see the destruction still so apparent.  A lot of our friends have learned American Sign Language to help others learn about Jehovah.  And I got to go to my first ASL meeting.  It was quite amazing and fun! For Teiler and me this is a great trip to share.  We went by the coffee shop where we first became better friends, went by the relief center where we first met and have been sharing stories and memories from when we didn't really know eachother that well.  We are having a great time and taking lots of video and pictures.... Though I don't have much to show right now... But here are a few from the roadtrip...
Sunset from the rearview mirror
Blurring lights
Perfect Rainbow!
Master Gunnery Sgt. F. E. Ellison
10/19/2009 02:41:37 pm

you stupid...Teiler's stupid...NOLA's stupid...I send "NOLA" to "THE GROUND"....

Semper Fi, mack...

F. E. Ellison (U.S.M.C., ret.)
10/19/2009 02:49:43 pm

Im München steht ein Hofbräuhaus...oans , zwoa, gsuffa!

That is all... Carry on...


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