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Nothing much new to report here. I had a cold that is lingering. It's been raining, and we don't get cell reception in our little pad, you have to go outside. So cold, no cell reception and rain means basically being cut off from real conversations. Plus not doing the normal chores I would, so doubling it this week. So hopefully we will get back into our good routine this week.

Hope you are all enjoying the new vamped site. It is basically finished, just a few small details left. We had been wanting to upgrade it so badly and now we feel a little better about it. We finally found a little time and we had one of our "business meetings." Basically Kelli and I skype and talk a little about videography or photography and our sites and then catch up or work on our comps on things but with eachother there. It's like having her here. Living apart from your best friend by even an hour is hard and it's our little way of seeing eachother. It helps a lot. Makes her not feel so far away when I can see her reaction and act like we're together working.

Just got an ipod touch and am so crazy about it. Teiler too. As I am typing he is playing on it next to me. It blows my mind though. How such a little thing can do so many cool things!

So my new song recommendation is by Cat Power. Love her! and i just found this song baby doll when we got the ipod and i just love it! The song I wanted to recommend was Old Dirt Hill by Dave Matthews Band but they didn't have it on sadsteve so look that one up yourself. You won't be dissappointed. Here are some more pics from our camping adventures back in November. Just love them and thought I would share.
12/16/2009 03:10:07 pm

tht is an amazing mustache

12/20/2009 10:51:22 am

I really enjoyed the use of the old TV as a sign prop. What a classic idea. Do you use many props and things like that for your business?


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