New York 2008
It's not safe to say that this may be one of my last blogs on the Kellandis site.  Kelli and I have decided to combine her photography and our videography into one easy to use site and company.  We are so excited and overjoyed with ideas.  She's coming down this weekend so we can make it official and jump start all the work that will go into this new site and adventure.  Yay! More to come on that and I will provide a link to the new site and blog when we get it all worked out this weekend.  

It's been a great time learning more and more about videography and letting my creativity run wild.  Funny thing is now I see everything through a lens. No song goes unheard without thinking about what moment it would help capture in a video. Even the most menial tasks set to music from my mind becomes and interesting video.  Doing the dishes, cooking, zipping up my boot, driving on the freeway.  There is so much in our simple lives to be inspired by.  My husband Teiler and best friend Kelli are the two that inspire me most of all too. They are are always the ones to catch me when I fall, literally with Teiler lately, hahah. The ones who encourage me and push me to be my best.  I don't know what I would do without them.  They are truly a blessing to my life. So I'm really excited to see what comes next. 

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