A quick snap shot of me and Kelli from the wedding right before I got hitched.  So nice to have her by my side, and never was there a better maid of honor.  And as much as we look like it, no we are in fact not really sisters, but it feels like it anyways.  I'm the older protective one, who is kind of stubborn and moody and she is the cute younger sister who everyone loves automatically. But she is my sister, because without her I would not feel whole.  We work so well together for the fact that sometimes I feel as if she can see inside my brain to whatever crazy thing that I'm trying to explain, even when I'm making absolutely no sense.  And she is not afraid to tell me the truth, even when an outfit just doesn't look right, or I am wrong in an argument.  You need a person like that when you get married, when you are stressed and you need someone to make you sit and realize that you are happy and to focus on the real stuff.  To not stress about cupcakes and hide things that go wrong, because they love you.  To let you hide when you need a break and be the calm steady hand when you are pinning your dress and your hand is shaking.  At the moment this picture was taken, my flowers had wilted, my train had gotten dirty, the peacock feathers had fallen off my shoes, and we had just taken our pictures in the hot sun and I felt melted, defeated and unbridely.  But she knew how to make me smile.  How to make it ok.  And when I look at this picture, I don't remember those things, I remember my best friend, and how much I love her and need her.  And even though I feel like I will never be able to repay her for all that she has given me and gives me, it doesn't even matter.  She taught me that good friends, good family, never really leaves even when they are far away.  I'm happy I found my sister. 

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