What a better way to celebrate family fun than with a styled shoot.  It's my husband's parent's anniversary and his brother and wife were visiting from Italy where they moved last year.  So we surprised and styled a perfectly Becky (my mother in law) shoot.  Vintage picnic!  The top picture is just a small taste of the fun styling we had.  Randy (the father in law) love antique radios.  So he provided the beautiful radio and speaker for the occasion.  We raided Becky's amazing house full of vintage treasures.  

The shoot went great.  I find that no matter who you are taking pictures of or styling for you are always nervous.  But it always turns out good in the end.  I'll put up some more pics later. 

Happy to announce that our process of transferring companies is kicking along.  Lot more involved than I though, but I have to say, the idea of this is so exciting to me, and I'm really proud of how far Kelli and I have come.  We started out as two friends who made videos and took pictures because we wanted to, because we loved it.  And now we have learned how to turn that into something we can do for others, that they love too.  It is such a satisfying job.  We are growing as business savvy creative women.  For me, that is something that I never thought I would be.  So happy happy! 

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