Kelli and me often like to spend our days of hanging out taking pictures. To try new ideas in photography and videography.  They are some of my favorite memories and funnest days with her.  This is a picture from one of those days. A day that refreshed me and inspired me, as Kelli often does. We had been planning to take pictures for our production company reel for our movies, and it sort of just happened. We found a vintage TV on the side of the road that was being thrown away. It had a table top and wheels so we wheeled it over to a prettier spot and took some amazing pictures that we will be turning into our Kellandis production reel. Stay tuned for that soon...

We are excitedly busy this weekend working on a friends wedding. Jeremy and Viri! Kelli is taking the pics and I'm doing the video. We have been close with Jeremy and his family for a long time so that really makes it fun. Plus him and his fiance are so pretty it will be a joy to work with them. I'm so excited to try new things. Kelli recently did their engagements, so I've attached a picture of theirs. Make sure you check out the rest though at I know I pump her a lot and it's not even cuz she is my best friend.  I just am genuinely a fan of good photography and art.  Which is why we chose her to do ours too.

We just got back from an amazing camping trip. Went up to Lake Isabella and Kern had a blast. Real camping was a first for me, and I have to say I wish we were still there. We chose a spot with lots of rocks, right next to the river. The leaves are changing color up there and it was cold, but so beautiful. I wish that I could paint, so I could try for a second to recreate the picture in my head, my memories of life. We went Geocacheing. That is one of the funnest things I have ever done! You can look it up at

Finally, since it has been so long since I have blogged I thought I would tell of a few things that inspire me. First off, for videography and art, I'm gonna put a free plug out there for and her husband's production company which is called Floataway Productions. They are amazing and inspire me and Kelli so much. They push us to be better and do better, as we are just starting out. We one day hope to meet them and talk shop. But until then, check them out. I know you will be impressed. Also, and I go there for new music. They always have great suggestions of upcoming bands. Kelli and I are big music fans. My husband plays music and so does Kelli. I... well I just love music, always have and always will though I have yet to become proficient at any form. There is for sure a link between good videography and music. The right song can completely change the feel of a clip and be the difference between a shrug and a heart flutter. As for music I'm into right now, I'm a little behind on my new muic searches so I don't have any new requests but seeing as one of her songs called Reasons to Fall In Love saved the day on the final scene of our last video, you should check our Meiko. She is amazing.

Married life is amazing. Someone recently was explaining their view on marriage to me. Him and his wife have been married some twenty years.  He said that when your dating and your with the person everyday, you're not really with the person everyday. Marriage you are with the person EVERYDAY. But it's all in the way you look at it he said, as with anything new. Some have to iron out the problems, some it just clicks. But to view it like an exciting thing or a huge problem is up to you. He said, when you get a new car, and the engine dies. You could be like... WHAT?! or you could be like. cool! I get a new engine and it's covered by warranty. Haha. I just really liked that example. We are ironing out the kinks, but we are finding joy in the simple things and I couldn't be happier. Life is good. I hope to be putting some pics or even a video tour of our sweet little place as it gets done.  Have kind of been putting it off until we get a bathroom though. I'm pretty much dying to start construction on that. It will make my life complete I'm pretty sure, although I can't complain. After camping, I guess it could be much worse. Haha.
Random Photo Shoot Day~KMS Photography
Our New Clients - Jeremy & VIri~KMS Photography
Geocaching at night...notice the ammo box or 'cache'

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