Happy to announce that we have finished the video for Seth & McKenna.  A preview is posted on youtube.  Kelli is hard at work on our friend Ashley's video and we will be posting that video soon.  We might be putting some of our fun random stuff up here too.  Video skills don't happen over night and we wanted to show you our journey of video.  So we will be posting video clips soon from our various adventures.  Also, we have the joy of editing my own wedding video.  But for once, Kelli and I weren't really the ones behind the cameras.  We just had our friends video for us and we are going to work with the film.  We will also post a preview of that, but I'm really in no rush to get it done.  We can take our time and make it perfect.  No bride to please, because the bride was me.  Hehe. Here's a pic of me and my hubby coming off the aisle.
9/14/2009 09:59:19 am

Wow tht bride is beautiful and what a great picture . great job on the picture its amazing


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