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So, I have to admit that this week has not been very nice to us. First I slipped off the top rung of the loft ladder and fell directly on my toe, and almost broke it, then I had felt sick with a cold all week, the motorhome bathroom that I usually use has been acting out and I have had to use the outhouse which is totally infested with spiders and their meal carcases.  I'm very scared of spiders.  And then the rain came.  It's slightly true that Californian's have a hard time keeping their sunny dispositions when there is no sun and I kind of feel that way too.  And that's definitely the case when yesterday we found water all on the carpet and wall, where our little shack has been leaking.  Therefore the next discovery was... you guessed it... mold! Now, I did mold remediation in New Orleans for Katrina, and had a blast.  So I'm like every other "moldy" and love to remediate stuff, mostly because the first phase is demolition of said moldy extremities.  But it's just a little bit different when you find it in your own home.  Oh, but that did solve the mystery of why I felt so sick.  Allergy to the mold. Fun! Oh, and somewhere in there, an ant infestation because of the rain.  They think they own the place. Grrr.

But you know, I'm not trying to complain.  Even when going into the spider haven bathroom, I'm happy.  Truly, deeply happy.  I think I may finally be getting the positive view on life that I so admire in my husband, though mine may come off more naive.  

Broken toe = fun bruises to show off and a reason Tei should do the dishes. Hurts the toe to stand and clean. Haha. (You should see the one on my under arm. It's gnarly.)

Spider infested outhouse to pee in = working on my fears and getting me ready for an assignment in the boonies, or hopefully if it would work out, Haiti relief work. 

Water logged floor and walls = a little construction so it doesn't happen next year, a good cleaning of the walls, and finding all the cool stuff you always loose under the bed. (like my keys- don't roll your eyes Dad... I heard enough of it from Teiler about it thank you.)

Mold = A chance to keep my remediation skills up to date so I don't get rusty in relief work skills. 

Ants = Something to take all the frustration out on. 

So when life gives you lemons make lemonade.  When like gives you mold, call your moldy relief worker friends and be happy it isn't much worse. Haha. That's my lesson for the day.  

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