Bridal PARTY!!!
So it's about midnight.  Teiler is working on getting our sink just right in our place.  Getting settled takes a lot of time and effort.  We have been back for about two weeks and it still feels like we are moving in, but it's fun.  We are loving it.  Thought I would share my three new favorite songs that are getting a lot of attention on my ipod.  First of all the Avett Brothers, especially I and Love and You.  So pretty.  Most likely will get some air time on our next video.  I also love Jason Wade's version of You Belong to Me, which is actually what we danced to at our wedding, the version that is, but it was played live by one of our best friends.  And my other recent find was Priscilla Ahn.  She has a pretty sound, not quite what I usually would exactly go for, but I'm trying to widen out.  This pic is from the night before we got married.  We just outright partied.  Kelli had brought left over party hats from something random, and we went to a park that overlooked the city with it's lights.  The boys played guitar and we all sang and laughed and danced and had a wonderful night.  It was the perfect night.  A night everyone should have before they get married. 
10/8/2009 11:02:04 am



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