KMS Photography Photoshoot
Just went along with Kelli to do Brittany's graduation pictures.  We had an amazing time.  Brittany has changed so much from when we first met her.  The other day I was going through my pictures and she has really turned into the most beautiful woman inside and out.  Kelli and I couldn't be more proud of her and to call her our friend.  She looked so beautiful on the shoot.  We have been wanting to do a behind the scenes of Kelli for a while now and this was a perfect time to do it!!! With Brittany and Kelli my job was easy and fun!!! It always baffles me too how much everything always works out on the shoots with Kelli.  At the destination for the shoot we found lillies that Britt picked up and held in some of the pics, and the doors to the rec room were open.  It was a kind of rundown old building but it really looked great for the shoot.  In the basement we found what Britt called an 80's version of a classroom.  It was panelled in baby blue all the way around with collumns and a checkered floor.  There was an old kitchen in it which was actually really fun to shoot in.  And then then against the wall in the classroom area we found an old vintage piano which we were able to roll around to get the best light. Kelli is so devoted to her photography.  It was a blast to shoot her in her element.  She will literally stretch her little body into the oddest positions to get a good shot.  Oh, and I just realized this is the first picture I have to show off her awesome new haircut! She cut her waist length hair off and it looks great! Totally compliments her spunky artsy personality. 

Well, I'm dying to work on editing Kelli's promo and Jeremy & Viri's wedding starting this week, so look for some new up and coming samples!!! 

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